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Antara: Music

mosaic child

April, 2002
Verse 1: I’ve got this feeling coming over me, that you’ve got no use - no use for me. But I gave you precious pieces of me – that you took for yourself, you took from me…

Chorus: Mosaic child – your pieces and fragments of everyone else you’re a big picture tiled. You’re shattered and scattered and not your not yourself.

Verse 2: You take from everyone you see. You take as if these tiles were free. You’ve sampled everybody’s art and wrapped it up as a gift to your community. (Chorus)

Bridge: But you forgot to take truth
And you forgot communication
And you forgot respect
And you forgot dedication…

Verse 3: Searching in your complexity, your life is very Byzantine. Deviously left out of the plain view, is that center piece that’s missing is you. (Chorus)