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Antara: Music

righteous rage

April, 2002
I’ve got a righteous rage of 5,000 years there’s a whirl of anger torment and fear and when you get me going I just can’t stop through me ears, then my head and out my mouth…are the words filtered through the training of age presented clear eloquent and nicely caged. Prepackaged words so neatly wrapped use them once rip it up and through them back…Back to the days women burned at the stake and their lives were taken for God’s sake well their stories left out of our history books or rearranged by deranged literary crooks…yeah books locked up in their libraries not allowed for women under lock and key well the only way in was under brother’s name ain’t no brother gonna cover my given name - no!
I’d name all the ways you’ve cut me out misrepresenting my identity and what I’m about but the length of the song would take too long and the words would tire my speaking tongue…
So I’ll break it down, I’ll use my words switch the “S” to the front and my words become a sword that is carried in one a shield in the other backed by sister and my mother and my grandmother……….
Mother, maiden, crone represent a trinity of unity ancestrally sent so thank you for this tectonic shift, the continental, elemental ancestral drift.