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Antara: Music

who are you

April, 2002
I am staying I am changing I can come and go
I loud I am proud I am write I am wrong
and who are you?
I’m a poet I’m a mute I got stuff to say
I got secrets I got feelings and I just give’em away
And who are you?
I’m a singer I’m artist I am up on stage
I’m a woman I’m a mother I am filled with rage
And who are you?
I’m a flirt I’m a lover you know I can fight
I’m a winner I’m a loser and I really love the night
I’ve done some bad I’ve done some good
I’ve made some choices I would change if I could
I’ve told some lies but I prefer to be true
Mostly I’m afraid of being misunderstood
And who are you?
(I’m a Lizard……..I’m a Lizard)
I’m a lizard I’m a rabbit I’m a frightened fawn
I’m chick I’m a dyke I’m an Amazon
And who are you?