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Antara: Cawfee Ramblings

New Release: " All The Strays" - February 7, 2007

In Burlington, VT there is a luncheonette called "Handy's" and a car repair shop called "Handy's" and well just about everything is "handy-owned"...So, she's got this new website which is quite "handy" (laugh here) because now she's in charge of ALL of its features. It is exciting for Antara to now have the skills to control everything! First- her webpage...and then the world!!! (add sinister laugh here) Big thanks to for the past design and general making web things happen for little weird girl productions up until now.

"All The Strays" - Antara's latest CD is going to be released in 2007! The recording features the aggressive rhythm section known as "The Chris'..." The fresh band sound coupled with a few guests bring to light a whole new musical terrain for the little weird girl. Keep checking back for CD release dates in your

Not one but a second CD release is on the way with Antara's pal Nebulai! That girl has been very busy busting out tunes in 2006 in the recording's been a long time coming but worth the wait. Stay tuned for more info. on this funky project as it develops.

Ahhh!!! tax returns...they're a good thing.

So...enjoy this website from a can and understand that it's "handy" not pretty...cuz pretty = $$$$ and Handy = access!!! Thanks for supporting Little Weird Girl's evolution. ~All of us at Little Weird Girl Productions

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