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  1. find me

From the recording find me


I’ve touched in shadows with spirit hands. I’ve laid my life before you at your command. I’ve kissed you naked in the Michigan sands. And I’ve kept you safe at night when you couldn’t stand.
But you’ll find me, just out of sight and you’ll find me in your eyes, and you’ll find me always by your side because me love won’t be denied anymore.

I’ve held you close at night while you tired to sleep. I’ve brushed the tears away from your soft cheek, and I’ve stood my ground when you tired to make me feel weak and endured your rage when it was at its peak…(Chorus)

I’ve lived lifetimes since you’ve left me for weeks and I’ve held things in when it was hard to speak. And I’ve walked with legs that were shaking and weak, and I’ve walked with teardrops strewn down my own cheeks…(Chorus)

I’ve moved on now what I choose is MY choice and I make decisions based on my own voice. I’m clocked by no one my time is my own. And I know that being alone means being all one…(Chorus)